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The Balls Have Spoken

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Well, that could have gone better..

It could have gone A LOT worse *cough* Phoenix *cough*. The third overall pick in a draft with a clear consensus number one overall selection is a tough pill to swallow. Especially since the Knicks can't seem to even win a losing competition.

In true "woes-me" Knicks fashion, the Universe has decided that the need to switch up the draft lottery process and odds from a 25% chance of landing that number one pick to the team with the worst record to a shared 14% with the bottom 3 teams. The ping pong balls did not fall in our favor. As we say goodbye to our hopes of Zion Williamson being drafted by the New York Knicks (barring an Eli Manning-esque refusal to move to Louisiana or Memphis) we usher in the hopes of RJ Barrett or Ja Morant being that young All Star centerpiece we covet.

There are also trade implications at hand as well. RJ and Zion back together in Duke-Orleans for Anthony Davis? Who knows? All I can say is that it is going to be an eventful offseason for not only the Knicks but the free agent landscape as well as teams trying to make that jump from rebuild to contender. We are in a rare position of power - enjoy it Knicks fans. Don't let the sting of losing out on Zion cloud the vision of how drastically different next season could be. You've stuck it out this long, don't give up hope yet. Hang on for the ride a little longer.

With that being said: 

Welcome to The Outlet. Check back often as I will be posting about the rest of the playoffs, the draft, free agency, summer league and my general thought and feelings on how the league and the Knicks are shaping up for the upcoming 2019-2020 season.


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