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With the amount of "Develop the young guys" and "We need to develop a culture" tweets and posts I see about this team, you'd think that the fanbase would see what happened last night.

We are doing one thing next season. It's time to RUN IT BACK! Bringing back DRose, Noel and Burks was a great move. DRose was amazing for us last year. Noel and Burks came in and played their role and excelled (especially when Mitch went down with that injury).

Keeping Rose as a mentor to the young PG's is what this is about more than anything. You saw him lean into that role in Detroit with Killian Hayes and he IMMEDIATELY did that with Obi and Quick last year. The guy deserved a good contract after what he's done and it appears that Leon and Thibs see him as our CP3, which, I for one do not hate at all. If we can lock him down and help IQ, Grimes and Deuce grow up, plus the relationship he's got Thibs, thats a win, even at 3years/$43 million. I am thrilled to have him back

Noel and Mitch are very similar players. Skinny, yes. Gets bullied in the paint a little, yes, BUT, they also maintain consistency on the court. We are not sacrificing much in the way of team play when we sub them out for each other. Long and athletic, they run the floor and open up the spacing (just a bit). This is a huge benefit because the rest of the team does not have to switch up any playing style on offense. Not to mention, defensively Noel was one of the best in the league last year blocking everyone... even his own grandma (probably)!

Burks and Fournier will be better than you expect. I know we are all sad that Reggie Bullock has left us for the Mavs (and we wish him nothing but the best!!!) but we have replaced him with someone that can also handle the ball and shoot better than him. Reggie averaged about 11ppg last season. Fournier averaged 17. If we can get that (more) production out of him this year. We win more games (remember all those close games we lost --- to the Nets? Yea, hopefully we build and hold a lead at the end of games now.

I know it was a lot of money, I know it was a lot of years but if we are being honest. That is going to be good for us if we make a run at a star/impact player. We have more than just rentals. We have guys that are on slightly longer deals to help with the salary and add longer term value for a trade partner.

Leon, Perry and Thibs did the right thing this year. We got lucky last season, let's be honest. Now it is all about doing it again. This is what we want. Development of the youth and creating a culture. Let the season play out before you start trashing these moves. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Now tweet me and tell me how much you disagree! lol

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