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How Did We Do? (Knicks Record Projection Recap)

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Now, down to business

The Knick have officially wrapped their first 10 games of the 2020-21 season. If you recall I submitted my projection for their record (below) which had them going 4-6.

With a nice surprise the knicks went 5-5. With some spurts of greatness and defense, we also saw the "same 'ol Knicks" getting blown out and having very poor shooting nights. Unfortunately, this looks like it will be a trend for the remainder of the season. Trying to get the rookies some minutes, flushing out a rotation and letting RJ play through his slumps in shooting.

A minor bright spot is the mental maturity that this team seems to possess. RJ, while not lighting the world on fire with his shooting, he stays locked in on defense, still manages to get to the rim and does not seem to be getting overly upset with his performance.

Lets take a look at my original predictions vs what actually happened:



Indiana Pacers

Original Projection-Win: That's right. I think the Knicks come out of the gate and pick up a win agains Indy. I know they were a good team last year winning 45 games but not knowing how Oladipo will look in first game action in quite some time, this would be a good message to the league that we are not going to Fade for Cade and play for the #1 overall pick next year.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:Loss (0-1) I had them surprising this team and picking up the win, they waited until the second meeting to do that.



Philadelphia 76ers

Original Projection-Loss- This is either going to be a close game or a blowout. I don't trust the mental of Simmons and Embiid and if the Knicks play with some tenacity it could shake their confidence, and if this was last season I would even give the Knicks the W here but I think with the calming demeanor and leadership of Doc Rivers on the bench, the Sixers win.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:Loss (0-2) No surprises here



Milwaukee Bucks

Original Projection-Loss- Remember when Giannis dunked OVER Tim Hardaway Jr like he was Vince Carter over Fredrick Weiss in the Olympics... I see no reason to assume anything better will happen for the Knicks on this night.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:WIN (1-2) This is going to be the biggest win of the Knicks season. The defense and mental of this team shows incredible potential if they buy into Thibs and play hard... Brighter days are ahead (although it might not take shape fully during this season).



Cleveland Cavaliers

Original Projection-Win- The Cavs are also not good. Kevin Love and Andre Drummond (offensively) are not going to be an X-factor and we have enough point guards to slow down Garland and Sexton. Rookie Isaac Okoro could be a defensive problem but he might be the only one. This game will give Mitch a good chance to stretch Drummond outside the paint and work on those 3's we've been seeing all offseason in those workout tapes.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:WIN (2-2) No surprises here. But maybe a little closer at some points than it should have been.



Toronto (Tampa) Raptors

Original Projection-Loss- Toronto is still a really good team. Well rounded and talented. This will be a good barometer for how the Knicks can grow with their draft selections and turn into a playoff team in a few seasons.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:Loss (2-3) The Raps did not have a win yet at this point in the season. The Knicks straight up lost a very winnable game.



Indiana Pacers

Original Projection-Loss- Lightning will not strike twice.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:WIN (3-3) Well, I was right, lightning didn't strike twice, I just had the wins flip flopped.



Atlanta Hawks

Original Projection-Win- Just like the Knicks last game of the 2019-20 season and Vince Carter's last career game, I think the Knicks lock down Trigger Trae to pick up a close win.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:WIN (4-3) Absolutely a game the Knicks should have won and kept the tenacity throughout to pick up the win.



Utah Jazz

Original Projection-Loss- Spider Mitchell just got paid. Now it's time he shows he is worth the money and can bury the teams he is supposed to. He drops a 50 piece tonight in an audition for Leon to make a huge blockbuster trade for him.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:WIN (5-3) Perhaps as meaningful of a victory as the Bucks game, showing that the Knicks have potential



Oklahoma City Thunder

Original Projection-Win- Getting rid of CP3 pretty much cemented the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder are looking toward a complete rebuild that will likely take more than one season. As long as the Knicks don't play down to their opponents, this should be a strong win for the 'Bockers

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:Loss (5-4) Not a game the Knicks should have lost, they got lazy and played down agains their opponents and got taken advantage of. It's a young team, this is going to happen a bunch.



Denver Nuggets

Original Projection-Loss- Jamal Murray and the Joker are still on the team, still underrated and still ready to show the league they believe they are a top contender in the west.

Actual outcome/ Record after the game:Loss (5-5) Mitchell Robinson said guarding Jokic wasn't hard, he just made tough shots but that's what great players do....

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