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Knicks Beat KP In His Return To MSG / Carmelo Anthony News

After a whirlwind few days, beating the Mavericks in Dallas, getting absolutely WAXED by Cleveland and Chicago, having Perry and Mills give an impromptu presser only to come home and beat Luka and the Mavericks and spoil Porzingis's homecoming, I am flushed with emotions and confusion.

This is the team the Knicks were supposed be. A fast paced, defensive minded squad who was going to compete with better teams and at least give them a run for their money down the stretch of close games. Unfortunately that has not been the case.

Last night the Knicks had 5 players in double figures with Marcus Morris leading the way with 20p/5r and Julius Randle with a 17p/10r double double. A full team effort that got this win and possibly Dennis Smith Jr's best game this season posting a near triple double with 13p/6r/8a (I know it's not that close... but let's be positive today). Mitchell Robinson had himself a night catching lobs and igniting The Garden crowd en route to a 16p/8r performance in his first game back after his concussion symptoms sidelined him.

RJ is a freak. Not the offensive numbers we wanted to see (only 8p with 7r and 2a) but the way this kid moves and the fire in his game make me all warm and fuzzy inside thinking of how great he is, on and off the court!

Porzingis was quiet in the first half, hearing boo's every time he touched the ball. Early on it was possibly something that affected him but catching a little bit of fire in the second half and putting up 20p/11r/1a.

Luka Doncic is the absolute TRUTH. This kid is amazing. Posting another legit triple double, his 5th of the season and 13th since he entered the league last year. His playmaking, passing and shotmaking is something that will draw people to this league for the next 20 years. I am a legit fan of this kid's game and I can't wait to watch him get even better.

Lastly, some great news (for a lot of reasons). CARMELO ANTHONY IS BACK IN THE LEAGUE!!!!!!

That's right, folks, Melo is back in an NBA uniform and he gets to play along side Dame and CJ in Portland. I for one am psyched for him. He deserves to go out on his own terms and not be cast aside like street trash. One of the most prolific scorers in NBA history can finally have some closure on his career, should this be his last go-round.

I am even more happy that he was signed so people can stop talking about how the Knicks NEED him. We don't. He was not a value add on this team. You all know that, let's be real, he was not going to be a savior in NY and he deserves to at least get SOME playoff exposure and a chance to chase a ring. Congrats to him and good luck!

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