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A Never Too Early Look At Knicks Summer Options

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

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Welp, The Knicks are yet again mathematically eliminated from the playoffs for another year as well as staring down the barrel of another 50 loss season which begs the question: What now?

Well the answer is easier than the execution. Simply put, be better.

How do the Knicks do that exactly?

Lets start with this summer's NBA Draft. With a less than elite class expected to make the jump there are a few bright spots at the top of the board to start focusing on, which, fear not, I will be doing player profiles on as we get closer to the draft but for now lets just drill down to the basics.

LaMelo Ball, Cole Anthony, Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman are some of the big ticket names that are being thrown around for the top of the draft and with an almost guaranteed top 5 pick, the Knicks will gave a great look at all of these names. If the Knicks have their sights set on anyone specific (Ball) they also have some picks they can throw in to move up to that #1 spot to ensure they get their guy.

Unfortunately for all Knicks fans involved, this is not the 1 piece we need to be a playoff contender. Our next area of concern is:

Coaching is obviously of major importance since this team lacks major direction as well as any sort of identity when it comes to their offensive schemes and defensive assignments. Someone who can not only coach a team of young players but also continue to teach them and instill confidence when they hit a slump or are getting blown out.

Jay Wright, John Calipari, Jeff Van Gundy and Tom Thibodeau have all been linked to the job with Thibs gaining the most traction so far. I am unsure if he is the answer, especially with such a young team. I would honestly consider giving Miller a full year (or two) at the helm to see if he has any NBA coaching chops if we decide to steer away from Thibs or a college coach, who might actually make more sense since Pat Riley won't be roaming the sidelines.

The Free Agent Class is in a word... Weak. Honestly, Fred Van Vleet is the only one I would consider signing. AD will stay with the Lakers, Draymond would be a fool to leave the gravy train he is on, especially since he has been exposed as a fraud without Klay and Steph. Mike Conley is still a solid player but with his recent benching for Royce, you can understand that his time is almost up as a starting impact PG. Andre Drummond is probably already looking to get out of Cleveland but he is not a major need unless he is going to BACK UP Mitchell Robinson and we can get him for cheap, which is unlikely. DeMar DeRozen and Gordon Hayward are also very unlikely candidates to fit with the new Knicks squad but Eric Gordon could be a solid backup SG if he decides to leave Houston and provide some veteran leadership in NY.

The Knicks are going to be faced with the same offseason they had last year, with money to spend. Hopefully new leadership will not flood the lineup with NBA Elders and take unnecessary minutes away from young players looking to improve their NBA game time readiness.

I suspect that we will have to strap in for another season just like the one we are in right now if Leon Rose does ANYTHING the same way it has been done in the past.

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