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Why Can't The Knicks Close Out The 4th Quarter?

Another 4th quarter, another comeback squandered.

I would love to blame this on youth and inexperience but I fear that its deep than that.

The Knicks seem to play a full 48 minutes within the final quarter. Comebacks, close games, leads, and eventually giving up that lead they spent so much time fighting for (or get close to) only to not have enough time to mount another comeback for a victory.

My thought is not that there is not ENOUGH time but TOO MUCH time. The Knicks have made quite a habit of taking brief leads late in the game only to watch that point total wither away and ultimately and lose the game.

It seems that the conditioning and stamina of this team is lacking and can only get through about half of the final period before they start coming up short on 3's, making lazy passes and stop working their way to the basket for easier buckets.

Does this mean we need a deeper rotation to get fresh legs in, better strength and conditioning or just better choices? That is a problem for Fiz to figure out and I for one, hope that it happens quick. These losses are only going to get more frustrating for the team the longer this very young season gets.

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