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What To Look Forward To After A Hard Week.

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

It has been a hell of a week in the NBA and with Sports and Life in general.

Today is the Super Bowl, The Knicks are an enigma, the trade deadline is coming up on Thursday and the world lost Kobe and Gianna Bryant as well as 7 others in a devastating helicopter crash last Sunday.

The NBA has done an incredible job of honoring the life and legacy of Kobe Bean Bryant with a 24 second shot clock violation as well as 8 second back court violations to start every game since this unthinkable tragedy. The Dallas Mavericks have retired #24, there have been petitions to have the NBA Logo (even temporarily) changed to an image of Kobe, replacing his mentor Jerry West. The Los Angeles Lakers played for the first time on Friday night with a beautiful remembrance to honor Kobe, Gigi and those lost. LeBron gave a beautiful speech honoring not only the basketball player but how great of a Dad Kobe was since he retired.

Along with countless tributes from various athletes, Golfers wearing his jersey on the course, players holding up the 2-4 after they score a goal and many many many written and video tributes from writers and television personalities across various platforms talking about the impact that Kobe has had on their life (myself included), it has truly been a tragedy that has found a way to bring the entire world together.

Now, something that causes great division. Our New York Knicks. I have one main question for the masses (which I will also attempt to answer).

What The Hell Is Going On!!?

Ok, so the trade deadline is this Thursday so I am assuming the very questionable rotational moves are nothing more than #tradeshowcase moves. DSJ and Bobby Portis getting some real minutes lately so they can maximize what we can get in return.

Elfrid Payton has served his suspension for pushing Jae Crowder at the end of the Grizzlies matchup, Marcus Morris was fined 35k for his role in that scuffle and his very puzzling comments post game. After the Knicks publicly spoke against those comments news broke that both sides are interested in working out a new deal this summer in free agency. So.. yea.

I don't specifically have a problem with that, however, I do have a problem that this NEEDS to be a youth movement and we cannot break the bank on Morris while we subsequently take minutes away from the Kevin Knox and Kenny Wooten's of the world.

Speaking of.. Where is Kenny?

I am sure the Knicks have a plan in mind (HAH) but I fully expect to see Bobby Portis and maybe even Julius Randle (Or Morris) make an exit from The Mecca to pave the way for the full Kenny Wooten Experience. Mitch and Wooten are going to be really fun to watch together and as long as Mitch learns how to stay on the court, it will keep the guards closer to the 3 point line and have that defense improve (which it has been in recent games).

Lots of excitement coming up this week. Stay close to The Outlet for stories and news how everything shakes out. I'm on high alert!

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