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What Free Agents Are Worth Keeping?

Knicks lost to the Bulls by 18 last night.

And with that in depth game recap I move along to this:

December 15th marks the day when all summer free agent signings are eligible to be traded. There are seven newcomers on this Knicks squad who will all be evaluated. It's never too early to start that so, here we go:

Julius Randle: The marquee free agent of the off the offseason, Randle so far has not been as good as advertised and you can tell exactly why. He is putting too much pressure on himself and playing a game that is not authentic to his true playing style. He is far too focused on the outside shot, trying to bring the ball up the court and facilitate some jumbled mess of an offense which, when he does this, puts everyone else out of position. If the Knicks can get almost anything in return for him, I say take it. It already looks like NY is putting too much pressure on him.

Possibility of being traded: >5% Nobody else will pay him that money

Wayne Ellington: Wayne has been serviceable at times, hitting big three's to help beat Chicago but all he seems to do is curl off a pick and take the same shot with mixed results. I see him on a playoff bound team as a scorer off the bench and not a spending the full season in NY.

Possibility of being traded: 40%

Taj Gibson: I don't see Taj going anywhere any time soon. He is a good locker room presence and plays well for this team. Besides, he is here to be closer to his ailing father. Unless they move him at his own request to be even closer to him. He stays with the team and continues his very good play for this team.

Possibility of being traded: 1%

Marcus Morris: The only guy worth keeping? Mook is exactly what this team needed. He has clearly surpassed Randle as the "Go-To" guy and leads with emotion. I see the Knicks picking up the option on his contract before ANY trade talks happen.

Possibility of being traded: 0%

Bobby Portis: Bobby Buckets is an interesting case. He plays well, seems to like the environment but could be a serviceable body on a better team. If he and Ellington could be packaged for draft picks, he's gone.

Possibility of being traded +/- 50%

Elfrid Payton: Injuries could be a detriment to his trade value. Already missing extended time, it is unlikely anyone picks up the phone just yet. Possibly cleaning house and being packaged with any number of assets for a better franchise PG it likely the fate he sees.

Possibility of being traded: Ehhh..

Reggie Bullock: He isn't going anywhere. He hasn't seen enough health to have any value. The chances that the Knicks cut him, however... very possible.

Possibility of being traded: >1%

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