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Trade Talks: The Untouchable Players And What We Can Get Out Of The Locker Room Remains

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

By now everyone seems pretty positive about Mike Miller and the job he has done with the FizKids and odd mashup of Power Forwards that he inherited after taking over as Interim Head Coach.

His 5-6 record is definitely more impressive that it looks. Sure, actually winning games is something Fizdale had trouble doing, whether it was because the team couldn't gel together or just because he did not specify what role each player would be responsible for. Regardless, Miller has given what seems to be very specific instruction as well as some leniency during games, nevermore noticeable that the now NON Point Guard Julius Randle. Playing with his back to the hoop he has been putting up major numbers helping lead the team to some wins making Miller look like he is deserving of a removing the Interim tag from his Head Coach title. That still remains to be seen as the Knicks brass is surely using this as a very heavily scrutinized dress rehearsal.

With winning now in focus and on everyone's mind and tanking for the draft in the rear-view mirror the Knicks will surely look to add some names to the lineup before the February trade deadline.

We have already heard that the Knicks are monitoring some situations around the league and are more than likely preparing packages to obtain some leaders and scorers. The Knicks seem to be flexible and are ready to be major players given that the Knicks have made everyone available with the exception of two names who have been labelled "Untouchable"

RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. There is your future, Knicks fans. Your two cornerstones.

Now, just because everyone else is available to be traded does not mean they will be but you can likely expect to see some of your favorite names packing up their locker or at least being included in some preliminary proposals.

Dennis Smith is likely the first name out of town as he seems to be requesting (another) fresh start. This request could be the catalyst for a few trades the Knicks could make. Bogdan Bogdanovic in Sacramento, KAT or DLo are all names I have mentioned before but what will it REALLY take to get these names in a Knicks uniform?

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Honestly, I am not high on on Bogey. He is a restricted Free Agent at year's end and will likely not be matched by Sacramento given the inflexibility of the Kings current roster (Heild, Barnes, Trevor Ariza costing around $200mil) along with Marvin Bagely and De'Aaron Fox's impending extensions being higher priority.

I say steer clear unless Perry believes he is a savior worth more than $60mil that will generate quality wins. Which he will not.

Karl Anthony Towns

This is going to take an act of God. We are looking at another Carmelo Anthony trade package here but for a 24 year old Superstar, it might be worth it. You will likely see Shabazz Napier come along in the trade which could also help the Knicks in their Point Guard situation and provide some additional help for Elfrid Payton.

The Knicks are likely saying goodbye to Knox, DSJ, Frank, Morris and both of the Dallas picks that came with Dennis Smith in the KP trade as well as this years 2nd rounder from Charlotte. Hopefully we would be able to keep our own 2020 pick which I would hope Management sees as "Untouchable" as well.

Starting 5






Russell Westbrook

I am not sure how active the Rockets are going to be in shipping a top 10 player out of town but to get rid of that long term money for some pieces that are greater than the sum of it's parts could persuade Daryl Morey to make a move. Dennis Smith, Marcus Morris, Kevin Knox, Wayne Ellington and Dotson could all be part of that trade along with a bevy of protected picks exchanging hands.

I do not believed the Knicks have the assets to make this trade work on its own. a third team is definitely needed here, likely to take players and give picks to Houston.

D'Angelo Russell

Marcus Morris probably means more to the Warriors than Dennis Smith Jr does. As far s a fit goes, Morris will provide more leadership to the team and with a team option, he could be valuable in the playoffs next year when Steph and Play return. DSJ likely would not thrive here given that the Point Guard position is only available to full time starters minutes this year and will be sent to the bench upon the return of Curry.

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