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The Ship Is Taking On Water. How Do We Plug The Hole?

The Knicks were absolutely destroyed by the Cleveland Cavaliers last night but my first focus before I get into that is this:

I care much less about what happened in the actual game. 96 year old World War II Veteran Pete DuPre played the National Anthem on his harmonica and was undoubtedly the highlight of the entire evening.

And on quick and VERY important note before we get into sports stuff, I would like to extend my immense gratitude to the Men and Women of this country who are part of our Armed Forces. I think I speak for all when I say that you are appreciated more than we can express. Thank you for your continued service to maintaining the freedom that we are able to enjoy every day. True Heroes.

For reference, this team just went into Dallas to steal an emotional victory over a couple of Knicks ex-pats, one of whom forced his way out of the Orange and Blue. The team that showed up, at home in Madison Square Garden seemed to bring with them precisely 0% of the will, swagger and general know-how on how a competitive basketball team is supposed to play.

The loss was so bad, President Steve Mills had to get out in front of the media last night to explain the loss saying the very obvious "We are not happy with where we are.". No duh, man. I want nothing more than to be the President/ GM of an NBA franchise and if the extent of the job is getting in front of some cameras and telling everyone something they already know, I believe I am wildly over-qualified.

The presser that was held with Mills and Perry was wild. Not ruling out some in-season changes and the only thing that might save Fizdale at this moment is the fact that RJ is a fan of Fiz and the Knicks love RJ. So, if the Front Office want to keep the future of the franchise happy, they might not move on from Coach Fizdale, at least before next game.

December 15th marks the day when the summer signings can officially be on the trading block. If Fiz and Perry and Mills want to keep their jobs they better start making some calls. A true PG is needed, there is no doubt about that anymore. DSJ and Elfrid Payton should be that guy but if the plan is to tank for a Cole Anthony or LaMelo Ball, boy are we on the right track to another top 5 lottery pick.

The Knicks are sinking. I just hope there are enough lifeboats for some cornerstones of the future.

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