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The Knicks Season Starts Tomorrow. What Did We Miss This Summer?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

After a whirlwind summer; The NBA and The Outlet Hoops are BACK!

It feels great to be back in the swing of things here at The Outlet and regaining that blind optimism that accompanies every season opener for the New York Knicks. After seeing quite possibly the most exciting offseason in the history of the NBA and dozens of players finding new homes and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent to get them there, we are finally ready to see if the moves were the right choices. Our beloved Knickerbockers have added 9 new players to the roster all of whom seem to share the same DNA of hard-nosed, gritty, in your face 90's style hoops. A lot has been made of the Bully Ball/Streetball/Dawg mentality that the new 'Bokers are supposed to bring this season and it is certainly a breath of fresh air, especially to someone who grew up in the Chris Childs two-piece to Kobe, Latrell Spreewell choking out PJ Carlisimo, Jeff Van Gundy holding on to Zo Mourning's leg for dear life- era of the NBA. With that being said- I fully expect Morris, Portis and Randle to be the new Bash Brothers of the #NBA this year. I am hoping that swagger and toughness rubs off on the young core, Frank specifically. He needs it. Wednesday we waste no time and get to see Marcus Morris go up against the team he spurned (pun wildly intended) in the offseason in Game 1 when the #Knicks face the San Antonio #Spurs on the road where I am sure there will be some fireworks throughout and I don't think Morris would want it any other way!

The excitement doesn't stop there, folks: To round out opening weekend, we face off against the (somewhat) new look #Nets on Friday night then #Kemba and the #Celtics Saturday night for the home opener at MSG, where I am sure Enes Kanter will get a warm reception given his offseason comments regarding the Knicks. Quite the soap opera to begin the season. The culture change starts tomorrow. Sleep tight, Knicks fans.

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