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How The Knicks Can Fast Track Growth

Ok, Knicks fans, The Outlet is back with a bitter pill to swallow. There is no easing back into a new season so like a bandage, we are going to go quick and rip it right off.

We all want the Knicks to be successful, fun to watch and well adjusted. For a team that has been in the bowels of obscurity for the better part of two decades, that's a big ask but seeing the Lakers win the BubbleChip this season put some things in perspective for me.

We need to be more like them!

That's right. We need to have Thibs, Leon, Perry and the front office team take a few pages from the Lakers Book of Success and what that means, essentially, is that we need to be comfortable parting with pieces to acquire some fire power.

The Lakers had an AMAZING young core, quite frankly, better than what the Knicks are working with at this juncture so we are already at a handicap but stick with me.

There is no denying that Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and Lonzo Ball are all very good basketball players in their own right but the sum of those parts leaving town to bring in Anthony Davis is frankly a great deal. Don't get me wrong, having LeBron James on your roster isn't hurting them either, but being able to part with some pieces to their own youth movement to bring in someone who can take the reigns when LBJ retires is a huge deal. People will come to play with AD and wear the Purple and Gold and if all that means is parting with a future multiple time All Star in B.I. and a couple mid roster guys like Hart and Lonzo, I say, see ya!

That was a long winded explanation to get HERE:

I know it's been incredibly easy for all of us to play backseat GM and propose trade scenarios all over the facebook groups we all lurk in but in all seriousness, we should embrace making a splash for proven, young, talented players. Thats right I said PLAYERS.

One trade is not going to fix the Knicks and we all need to stop assuming that one player is going to be the savior of the organization like we did with Melo. It won't be Russ, CP3, Oladipo or even Donovan Mitchell. Don't get me wrong they will all be a nice piece to pair with RJ but this is a living, breathing thing and we need to focus every day on improving this roster to be competitive not only in the East to get to the playoffs but to be able to overtake the very stacked Western Conference.

If all that realization means packaging Frank, Knox and maybe even Mitch for a young all star then so be it (I love Frank and Mitch, you may not feel the same and want them out of town on the first thing smoking, but you get where I'm coming from here).

With the Draft scheduled and Free Agency as big a mystery as any year prior, especially without a date currently set, the Knicks need to take a hard look at their roster and ANYONE that might be available to acquire through FA or a trade -and if we can get lucky enough to have an opportunity to pull a star if we trade for another (a Kawhi/PG-esque scenario)- there should be no hesitation on the part of the front office.

I don't have any proposals to add to this article (because how else would I get you to come back and read more!?) but I will soon and we can talk and debate and some of you can slander the French Prince all over Instagram and Twitter. Until then, let me know what players you would like to see the Knicks take a run at the most!

We'll see ya soon

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