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The 1 Trade The Knicks Should Consider

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

So, what does another (almost) 30 point blow out mean to me?

Trade talks. December 15th is nearing and the hammer will drop on this team in one way or another.

First, let me make one thing clear: I genuinely believe we should just ride out the season and take the highest pick we can get. Edwards, Ball and Anthony will all be a step up from the point guard situation we have now, so why bother trying to win more games?

Second, the only reason we should be making trades is to acquire draft picks that could either be used for that purpose or to help a trade situation later on for a bonafide star.

With that being said, I have resigned myself to the fact that we need more help than is immediately available so this trade might actually benefit us. And that trade is......


Chris Paul.

Hear me out. I know Chris Paul is older than we would like, has a bloated contract and is human paper mache. Seriously, if you look at him wrong he will break but allow me to address all of those concerns and turn them into positives, or at least more palatable than what they appear to be on the surface.

Chris Paul is OLD: CP3 is an amazing veteran play caller with a ton of experience working in different systems and coaches and quite a variety of teammates. He would come into a situation where he could teach a younger teammate (Trier?) how to follow his footsteps and create the Knicks version of Lob-City with Barrett and Robinson, the new Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Let's be clear, both have a long way to go to be considered equals to those two guys and their prime Clipper days but I am nothing if not an optimist.

Chris Paul is Injury Prone: Yep. He sure is... once his teams get into the playoffs he is good to miss at least one series. This is fine, the Knicks aren't making the playoffs but if CP does get injured he will still be on the bench coaching these young guys, seeing things that they don't know to look for and quite honestly, prepping himself for his future once his on-court days are over and if we can get him here and keep him around this group long term, that is a benefit for us.

Chris Paul has a MASSIVE contract due to him: Yea, CP3 is getting PAID!!! OKC is on the hook for an astronomical $38.5 million for this season, $41.3 million next season, and $44.2 million in 2021-22 when he will be 36 years old. This is the exact opposite of the financial flexibility the Knicks are looking for so they can sign Free Agents (Brandon Ingram, Giannis Antetokounmpo) in the coming off-season(s). The one thing we need to be honest with ourselves about here is this, the most glaring fact surrounding the Knicks and Free Agency. NOBODY WANTS TO COME HERE!! So if we can get possibly the smartest Point Guard in the league to come and run our offense, why not, right? And when we still finish with one of the worst records in the NBA this year, we can draft Ball, Edwards or Anthony and let CP3 get paid to usher in the PG of the future.

I know this is a long shot and an "everything needs to go right" type of pipedream but nothing else has worked so far, why not give it a go?!

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