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Sunday Scaries- Knicks Edition

There are very few positives to take away from the absolute beatdown the Knicks suffered against the Kings last night. So why bother, right?

De'Aaron Fox is as good as advertised and after a night in Boston against Kemba, you'd think the Knicks would have at least had a small framework built out on how to stop a speedy Point Guard but uhhh.... Nope. So that was fun.

The 1-6 Knicks have a steep hill to climb after the laugh-fest that occured yesterday. Priority #1 is finding consistent rotations instead of just throwing guys out there and seeing if we get lucky with someone having a great game to carry the team to a comeback. Granted, there are many new faces to figure out who gels with who and how the personalities fit, but that's what Fiz and his staff gets paid to do.

Eventually, there are going to be some difficult decisions to be made regarding that rotation. Morris may need to come off the bench- mostly due to the fact that Randle is getting paid too much to not start. I am still not calling for Fiz to be fired OR for Kevin Knox to start. I think both would be valuable off the bench as spark plugs with DSJ to fuel a very good second unit. Mostly because our first unit is essentially second unit anyway, so there *shouldn't* be too much drop off when the starters give way to the bench.

"We did nothing right. To keep it in perspective, we’ve played six crap quarters this whole season. Three of them were tonight. We weren’t connected tonight at all. Offensively and defensively, we weren’t tied together and it was really disappointing.” Fizdale said while he referenced the evenings play as "Just a crap game". Which, he is not wrong about.

I'm not sure there is a quick fix here, Fizdale is not on the court missing these shots, the PROFESSIONAL basketball players are. Regardless of the rotation and who is on the floor at any given time. The pros should be able to hit open (and often times defended) shots. It is quite literally what they get paid to do, and I understand that everyone has an off night here and there but the lack of ball movement, hero/iso ball and waiting until the end of the shot clock to jack up questionable shots.

I witnessed Bobby Portis blatantly ignore an open Julius Randle on more than one occasion. This team led the league in passing thus far. What happened?

Hopefully the day off and film session wakes something up in this team because it is going to be a long season of speculating LaMelo Ball and Cole Anthony suiting up next year.

Thoughts and Prayers.

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