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Post Trade Deadline- Here's The Plan...

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Well, here we are... The 3pm deadline has passed here in New York and here are the moves that the Knicks made.

Marcus Morris to Clippers for Moe Harkless, and a 2020 1st Rounder

Honestly, not a terrible haul for the Orange and Blue. I was a fan of what Morris was doing this year but his services will absolutely help the Clips in the playoffs, especially if he keeps shooting 40+% from behind the arc. He always brings it on the defensive end of the floor as well which will help the stacked Western Conference.

Not to mention, Morris was on an expiring deal which means he could have walked in Free Agency. I know that there was "interest" in resigning with the team in the off season but if it was that serious, giving him an extension during the season is not an overwhelming thought.

Not to mention that over the next 4 years the Knicks have 7 (that's right.. SEVEN) first round picks that they can use to build organically through the draft OR package them for a star.

I was not totally sold on the DLo trade. I would rather the Knicks make that pick in the draft and allow some of the in house guards to see more time at the 1 and 2. Trier definitely needs some exposure now that he has not been moved.

Front Office Splash

Since the Knicks major move was hiring a new President in Leon Rose as well as William Wesley and having Steve Stoute in house working on the Re-Brand... the Knicks are set up nicely to look REALLY REALLY COOL while still losing.

I guess the main question here is:

What does this look like moving forward?

I envision the Knicks taking a very young approach next season. A slightly updated logo, young core with some Vets that are going to play BEHIND the kids like Mitch, RJ and Knox and a coaching staff that knows how to coach youth.

I expect to see Coach Calipari's name be mentioned a lot given his relationship with the new FO. Possibly the likes of a Jay Write type of coach or even some old players who have taken on the reigns as a coach, possibly a Jerry Stackhouse and as I have mentioned before Becky Hammon.

It is still crazy early to start speculating, however, it's never too early to start prepping for the future.

An interesting trade deadline has come to a close and we can do nothing but look forward to what comes next.

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