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Is It Time To Start Thinking About Trades?

I know I lured you here with trade talk promises, and we will get to that but let us talk about the game first.

I genuinely do not know how to feel about that game. I am psyched that the Knicks can come out after halftime and push the tempo and defensive intensity and punch a team in the mouth coming out of the locker room. On the other side of that coin, I am very aware of the youth and inability to keep the collective foot on the throat of their opponent to close them out.

I was very proud of Frank and his offensive game, being the second highest scorer (17 points. Tied with Julius Randle) and how his defense was the catalyst to that 3rd quarter run. He is a point guard, however and cannot finish a game with 1 rebound and 0 assists. Giving Frank that quick breather and inserting DSJ was the eventual downfall of the game. The 6ers were able to string together some buckets and finish the quarter strong to put them in a position to pounce.

Frank needed a blow, it's that simple. Someone needed to come in for him and all this game does is prove that a well rounded scoring PG with some defensive skill is a need. I am starting to believe that Frank can be more than a backup point guard in this league. He is showing that he thinks he belongs here and wants to stay in the league. I for one am here for him.

In other "Of course it happens to the Knicks" news: Ben Simmons hit his first career NBA 3 pointer. The last time "Ben Simmons" and "drains a three" were said in succession was when he was suited up for LSU, so that's fun for us and I for one look forward to the media of course highlight the Knicks defensive ineptitude or headline it to take an easy shot at the Knicks.

In any case, I guess I am not totally bummed at the loss in a VERY win-able game. The team played... well and there looks to be a rhythm with the team that is starting to take shape.

Now, on to the trade talks I promised you.

I genuinely think that this is not a team worth blowing up for a D'Angelo Russell or a DeMar DeRozen type player that will cost us assets and potentially some draft picks as well. Where those are some good players and might have some positive impact on the Knicks, at this point. Let's play for the draft. LaMelo Ball, Cole Anthony... These guys can grow with Mitch and RJ and if we have learned anything from the team we just played, the 76ers is that THE PROCESS!! Marcus Morris could be our Al Horford, RJ our Ben Simmons and Mitch our Skinny Joel Embiid.

Stay the course, have patience and, as a Knick fan, lets not sacrifice our assets for a shiny object that someone wants to trade us.

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