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Houston, Spike Lee and The Big Baller is BACK!

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A few talking points for today's agenda:

1. Houston- we have a thriller!

2. Spike Lee altercation with Garden Security and James Dolan

3. LaVarr Ball wants Knicks to draft LaMelo

First lets talk about some good stuff.. The Knicks played well against Chi to grab a win before they match up against a Western Conference powerhouse, the Houston Rockets.

And what a game it was. A thriller til the buzzer sounded! RJ and Mitch played really well and Frank was tasked with guarding Russell Westbrook during the final possession of the game to win/force OT, no easy task.

Sure Russ got the shot off but Frank stuck with one of the fastest, most dynamic players in the entire league. Westbrook has flourished with the smallball movement in Houston since the trade of Clint Capella so being able to disrupt him enough and not let him get to the hoop to force OT was a big win for the youth and obviously the Knicks as a whole.

Next up in the crazy universe that the Knicks live in and detracting from an HUGE win against a potential WCF team, Director and Knicks superfan Spike Lee was involved in an altercation with the Garden security and staff regarding which entrance he should be using. After being told he needs to use a different entrance than the one he has been using for the last 28 years chaos ensues.

After lots of hurt feelings, petty press releases and a night to sleep on it, Spike decided he needed to further throw the Knicks down the laughingstock rabbit hole by making an appearance on ESPN's First Take and providing quite the rant that did nothing other than make the Knicks looks like a bunch of self sabotaging goons.

Even with Leon Rose and Steve Stoute officially on the payroll these Charles Oakley sized missteps continue to happen. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't discouraged as a Knicks fan wanting so bad to minimize the dysfunction. There's no incentive for players to come subject themselves to the the continue negative press that James Dolan continues to provide to the media. It's exhausting. I know you know.

Finally at the end of the compliment sandwich where I start and end with positives (if that is what you want to call this last point) is the BIG BALLER, BABY!

That's right... LaVarr Ball is back in the news and chopping it up with his good buddy Skip Bayless. In the midst of his incoherent rambling and parading around he did say something that I agree with. The Knicks should draft LaMelo Ball. This of course was quickly derailed by the realization that he thinks that Gelo will lead the league in scoring, ya know, after he makes his way off the practice squad for the OKC Blue, the Thunder's G-League affiliate.

However, Melo in NYC seems to make sense to me and I like the idea of it very much. The kid can play and he has been able to do it in High School, Lithuania, New Zealand and I have no reason to doubt that he won't do the same in the NBA. Is it a different animal, sure but it's all about adjustment and I do believe that he knows enough of what the daily grind will look like from not only his experiences to this point but also having Lonzo in his corner. Plus with the "new look" Knicks and Leon, Steve Stoute and the new regime this could usher in a whole new era for The World's Most Famous Area and the world's most dysfunctional franchise not something that I (or most, I'm sure) would be opposed to.

PS. With Steph Curry slated to make his comeback tonight, look for the Warriors to start winning some games and playing themselves out of the worst record in the NBA

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