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Frank's Career Night/ Porzingis

There are plenty of Frank haters out there and I am hoping with his recent play, he is starting to silence the doubters.

An incredible offensive night for the kid posting 14p/6r/4a along with 4 blocks and almost the highlight of the century with a would-be posterizing dunk on some guy names Porzingis, if he wasn't fouled in the process.

The team was focused on one goal. To win this game for the fans. Nobody wanted to see the Knicks get pummeled by the team that now has their biggest star.

KP was everything we hoped he would be, however posting 28p/9r for the Dallas Mavericks does nothing for Knicks fans who hoped he would try to work out the issues he has with the Front Office after Phil Jackson was fired.

Obviously, that was not the case. Porzingis is gone and he is paired with an absolute monster in Luka Doncic who posted ANOTHER triple down with 38p/14r/10a and a bloody big toe.

Missed free throws were again a pain point for the 'Bockers missing 5 down the stretch and letting the Mavs stay close in the final minutes of the game which resulted in a Tim Hardaway Jr. corner 3 ball to shrink the Knicks lead to 3.

Luckily the Knicks held on to the win thanks to big games from Frank, Morris Sr. 29p/9/r/3a, Randle and his still horrible spin move putting up 21, Portis with 14 and Taj with 12 in a great display of veteran leadership and being in the right place at the right time.

RJ had a quiet game with only 3 points but nabbed 8 boards and 4 assists.

Can't dwell too much. ON TO CLEVELAND! Which has never been said with an exclamation point before, I'm sure.

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