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Fizdale Sounds Like A Man At The End Of His Rope

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

First let me say this: I'm not mad, I'm just..... disappointed. The Knicks were coming off a game against the league's best team and reigning MVP only to be facing the #2 team in a VERY competitive Western Conference in the Denver Nuggets the very next game, how did we think that was going to go.

I think everyone was expecting the loss and I am also sure that everyone was expecting the Knicks to come out and actually have some pride in themselves, trust in their teammates and play some competitive basketball.

WRONG!! The Knicks came out and as a group collectively decided that guarding the 3 point line was not a priority (giving up 129 points, neither was guarding INSIDE the 3 point line). The Nuggets shot 54% from beyond the arc and out rebounded and assisted the Knicks (both +15) which did not give the Knicks much opportunity to mount any type of comeback.

During the post game media interrogation, Head Coach (or as I have decided to promote him to: Body Management Coordinator- since basically all he has done this season is make sure there are 5 players on the court at any given time and not run plays or do any kind of actual coaching) David Fizdale seemed like a man who knows that his time is just about over in NY. Calling the latest loss "Sickening" and proclaiming that he does not concern himself with placing blame, which sounds an awful lot to me like a guy who knows he won't have to care for too much longer. Fiz is a high character guy and wants the best for his players (an obvious statement, sure but noteworthy nonetheless) he genuinely cares about these kids and wants them to succeed but the writing is on the wall and if we go into 2020 with the same HC I will be very surprised.

I guess it is just a matter of time before we see Mike Miller of the Westchester Knicks make the jump to the big show and take the reins for the remainder of the season as the interim coach.

Pacers up next, hopefully it's not a bloodbath.


I'll never let you finish reading without some form of positive news somewhere in an article and where this is not specifically Knicks news, I think we can all agree to be happy to hear that the Portland Trailblazers are going to be making Carmelo Anthony's contract a Fully Guaranteed deal for the remainder of the season. Congrats to Melo on finding a home for the rest of the year and hopefully at least a couple more years.

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