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Expectations For The Trade Deadline

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

With the Trade deadline just a few days away (7 games at the time of publishing this article) the Knicks are labeled as MAJOR sellers to stockpile draft picks.

I am not totally on board or believe that is the direction the Front Office ends up taking. With Mills and to a lesser extent Scott Perry being on such hot seats with the security of their jobs, I believe that the moves the Knicks make are fairly minimal given that there is no reason to squander picks and take on bad contracts only to jumble this roster more that it already has been this season.

I do not expect to see a Lauri Markkanen, Andre Drummond or any higher profile players (DLo, Westbrook etc) make their way to The Garden for the second half of the season due in large part to the uncertainty of the aforementioned Front Office.

It is wildly unclear who will be gracing the sidelines of MSG next year as well. Miller has done a serviceable job with the team he was given but I would imagine that if James Dolan has woken up AT ALL over the last few years. He would assemble a TEAM of people in the PoBBO, GM and HC roles instead of just 3 random individuals that will likely cost more than they are deserving of being paid.

With RJ and the Youth (whoever remains after Feb 6th) there needs to be one clear direction and steadfast movement toward that goal, YES... even if it takes a few more losing seasons to accomplish the growth and development portion of a rebuild.

I'm keeping my ears to the streets (tweets) and can't wait to see the NBA landscape take shape over the next few days!

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