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Drake And His Sideline Antics - How Much Is Too Much?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Has anyone else had just about enough of Drake? This is not Degrassi High and Aubrey needs to stop treating it as such. These are not guys you share homeroom with. These are highly trained professional athletes who are locked in on a game that has implications on going to the NBA Finals, not the Section 9 Class C playoffs. This is exactly what these players work toward all season (and off season) training and perfecting their craft. Cool guy Drake is walking around the sidelines like he is the Assistant Coach of the Student vs Faculty game politicking for an A in Phys Ed because he can't run the mile fast enough. 

His utter disregard for boundaries while massaging head Head Coach Nick Nurse after a missed free throw is sending a weird message through the league. One that- in this, "participation award society" needs to have repercussions. The Raptors and their Front Office can not allow a fan to roam the sidelines regardless of whatever made up title they game him (Global Ambassador). 

Possibly more infuriating are his *for some reason* post game interviews. He doesn't have anything to do with the outcome of the game. Why are we putting a microphone in his face? To paraphrase one of my favorite Dave Chappelle quotes "Who Gives A Fuck About What Drake Thinks At A Time Like This"?! I mean, the guy called the Toronto Raptors a college sports team for God sakes. I understand Toronto is a smaller market (compared to LA and NY) but Toronto by no means is a small market when you factor in the likes of OKC, Utah and New Orleans. They have a loyal fan base (to his credit, Drake acknowledges) and a perennial MVP candidate in Kawhi Leonard. Toronto: T-Mac, Vinsanity, Chris Bosh, the Demar Derozan/ Kyle Lowry duo. Toronto has not been an afterthought or a forgotten team in the NBA since the expansion and to downplay them to a college sports team is an insult to the team he claims to love so much.

My last portion of this rant, if you are still reading this, it's not too late...

Spike Lee (NYK)

Jack Nicholas (LAL)

Jay-Z (BKN)

Billy Crystal (LAC)

Barack Obama (CHI)

All die hard fans who rep for their team whether they are in a rebuilding year or making a trip to the playoffs. Sure, you'll see some high fives from their seats or the occasional heckle (or hand on the throat choking sign ala Spike and Reggie Miller) but not one has ever gotten up and paced around the sidelines like its their bedroom and their mom just punished them for tracking dirt all over the house. 

I don't know...maybe I've come across as a little too "get off my lawn!". Maybe I'm being too hard on the guy, afterall, I did start a blog for the team that I love so I could talk about them. Maybe I'm jealous he is sitting courtside. Maybe I just expect too much from people and expect them to let the spotlight shine on others instead of making everything about them. On the other hand, maybe Wheelchair Jimmy needs to stick to sing-rapping about girls who have broken his heart and just be a fan like the rest of us.

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