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Draft Day Butterflies- What Are The Knicks' Options?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

June 20th, 2019. The NBA Draft is upon us this evening and the Knicks have some options to consider tonight.

My first "option", if you want to call it that.... I happen to see it as a foregone conclusion that the Knicks should be drafting RJ Barrett and handing him the keys to the franchise with Mitchell Robinson. If for some reason RJ goes #2 to Memphis the Knicks are forced to make some decisions those are:

Draft Ja Morant

Morant is a high flying point man who is sure to add some spark to the offensive side of the basketball. Strong thunderous dunks a la Russell Westbrook (no pun intended) and a motor to match. Still turnover prone and an obvious need to improve the decision making aspect of his game it could add more losses to the Knicks already low win total from this past season. His ability to shoot the 3 is also something that has been pulled into question regarding if he will be able to hit the shots while being defended by the likes of Klay Thompson and other PLUS defenders in the league. His almost already elite ball handling skills could free him up to take better shots on the perimeter or get to the paint and toss up a lob or finish with a powerful dunk of his own.

Darius Garland

Babyface Garland is gaining a ton of momentum leading up to the picks that will be made tonight due in large part to the 11th hour workout he had with the Knicks (yesterday- 6/19). His ability be a great shot creator and very smart floor leader (I won't call him a General, yet.. but he definitely has the makings to be able to call games at the next level). Checking a lot of boxes on the NBA Level he will definitely be in consideration should RJ be off the board.

Trade The Pick

This is a tricky situation for me to wrap my head around. I am ecstatic the proposed trade from Atlanta giving up the 8th and 10th pick for #3 was denied. With the talent in the lottery of this draft and an obvious second tier of talent the Knicks need impact and unless trading this pick nets them a young star as well as multiple picks, I am not on board. I am not super high on the names that have been floating around for trades like Anthony Davis who we all know is going to suit up for the Lakers next season, Andrew Wiggins or Bradley Beal a 25 year old on the brink of a big payday would take a big haul to acquire, definitely the #3 overall, Frank Ntilikina and if the Wizards want to get a little froggish, they could definitely ask for Kevin Knox as a replacement for the departed Kelly Oubre.

Honorable Mentions

De'andre Hunter:

Can defend multiple positions, Catch and Shoot 3andD Player

Ball Handling, Ability To Make Plays Off Dribble

Cam Reddish:

Handle, PLUS Defender, Smart and Skilled, Size

Killer Instict, Motor, Strength

Jarrett Culver:

Defense, Rebounding, Playmaking From Post

Inconsistent Shooter, No Dribble Game From Post

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