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Adam Silver Makes Announcement

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

NBA Commisioner Adam Silver sat down with Rachel Nichols on ESPN this evening and spoke about Rudy Gobert, Kevin Durant and how the NBA's role in this pandemic can be one of help and support.

Another reason why the NBA is the greatest league in professional sports! Never shying away from the adversity and always being a classy well spoken, well articulated representative of our game, Adam silver is truly doing David Stern proud.


Silver is not looking toward the future and trying to predict a start date, but he has in no way leaned to cancelling the season at this point.

Salvaging some part of the season and even incrementally and incorporating some competition is something that the NBA is considering. Whether it is resuming the season before fans are permitted in the arenas or even a small charity game with a small subset of players who can be monitored by health officials to cover all bases with regards to potentially spreading the virus are all viable options.

In regards to a cancelled season and moving into next year with no Champion being crowned, Nichols also asked about the MVP race and scoring title and how those awards would be decided and presented. Before the question was even finished, Commissioner Silver immediately mentioned that he "might be in denial" because this was not a topic that he or the league has even began talking about.

No major news was revealed, however, with Silver remaining cautiously optimistic and leaning very heavily on the CDC and local governments to dictate the readiness to resume some sort of play. Silver also mentioned that he has heard from a handful of players and how stir crazy they are becoming, nice to know we aren't alone.

Silver is ready to get a foot in the door of getting the NBA back in our lives but it still looks like we are at least 6-8 weeks away from that, so for now... log on to NBA League pass since it was just announced that the service will be free until April 22.

So in the mean time, go watch the 21 Knicks wins and relive some glory (and infuriating Julius Randle spin moves).

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