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A Trade So Crazy It Just Might Work...

Updated: Feb 29, 2020


This is just some food for thought after seeing Zion and RJ's reaction to the Pelicans receiving the first overall pick in last nights NBA Draft Lottery. If you have not seen it you can catch it here on Sportscenter's Twitter. Now, on to an alternate reality where 3 NBA teams work out a trade and everyone ends up happy..

The Knicks, Lakers and Pelicans all team up to create the most star studded trade package the NBA has ever seen. Now, obviously seeing Alvin Gentry scream "Fuck Yea" and crow hop into awkward high-fives with the room full of NBA team reps when the pick was announced doesn't strike me as having a snowball's chance in Hell of actually happening, but it's fun to play around. So here we go:

Knicks Receive:

  • 2019 #1 overall pick - Zion Williamson

Lakers Receive:

  • Anthony Davis (signs extension upon being traded)

Pelicans Receive- From Knicks

  • 2019 #3 overall pick

  • Kevin Knox

  • Frank Ntilikina

  • 2021 Dallas Mavericks pick (Acquired in Kristaps Porzingis trade)

Pelicans Receive- From Lakers

  • 2019 #4 overall pick

  • Brandon Ingram

  • Josh Hart

  • Lonzo Ball

Now, obviously there will probably have to be some contracts the Lakers and/or Knicks will have to absorb but money and rotational fit (for the Pelicans) aside, I think it makes everyone happy. The dollars and usage of players can be figured out by the GM's... I don't get paid to do that work.

Tweet me some of your potential trades @theoutlethoops

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