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3 Front Office Questions and Possible Replacements

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Knicks beat the Dubs in San Fran but they needed overtime to do it. The team actually looked pretty good in the first half which is what I think most people expected them to look like this year, hence plenty of projections that they would win almost 30 games.

That looks pretty far fetched as we shift focus to the trade deadline as well as the draft next year.

With new on court and Front Office decisions looming and with David Fizdale being ousted from his Head Coaching position many questions are being asked with very few answers being communicated to anyone outside of Jim Dolan's office. 3 of the most important questions I have are as follows:

Why are we waiting to fire Steve Mills? Seriously, if the guy is going to lose his job at the end of the year, why wait and let him influence more poor decisions around trades and the direction of this team? He clearly does not have a vision for this team, nor does he have any industry pull to make anything positive happen. The last 20 years of him roaming the MSG halls is enough evidence of that. He has been underqualified or every job he has held for James Dolan and the only reason he gets to keep his is because (I think) he is the biggest JD and the Straight Shot's groupie and will do anything that Dolan tells him to do and never ask "why".

Does this mean that Scott Perry is getting fired too? Call me crazy, but I am fine with Scott Perry making the player personnel decisions. He has done a good job with the other organizations he has been a part of and with a President that knows what he is doing with some level of autonomy I think that trades and free agency signings will be better. So I say, keep him around and see if he can make something happen with a guy who has actually watched basketball before.

If both are gone, who do we get to replace them? This is a tricky one because I think we all know that Masai Uriji is the white whale that everyone see as the Knicks 'savior'. Where I do not disagree, there are other options. Here is my Top 3 not including Ujiri.

Sam Presti- James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Enough said. Presti has an amazing eye for talent in the draft as well as player development.

Danny Ainge- There is absolutely NO WAY this happens but I said this was MY top 3. Danny Ainge has made some sort of deal with the devil to orchestrate some amazing trades, draft well AND attract free agents. If there was a way to get him to NY... you do it and never think twice about it. There is no salary cap for the Front Office.. spend that money!

Bob Meyers- With the Warriors in a rebuild waiting for Steph and Klay to get healthy and a top 5 pick waiting in the wings for them. How much work is there for Meyers to really do in The Bay? Maybe a change of scenery and the prospect of rebuilding another franchise is enough to lure him to The Big Apple to do it again.

Hopefully we finally get some answers we are happy with..... soon.

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